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In The Migration Crisis Of Uttarakhand: 1053 Villages Have No Inhabitants.

Him Organic is a small step towards preventing migration from Uttarakhand hills. Villages in the hilly regions of the state are disappearing owing to movement of inhabitants towards urban plain lands with better opportunities. According to the census of 2011, out of Uttarakhand 16,793 villages, about 1,053 have no inhabitants. 405 of them have less than 10 occupants. The small and divided nature of landholdings tends to make the agriculture industry unprofitable to say the least. Untended land also gives rise to problems as it gradually turns into unyielding infertile lands that the farmers cannot work with. Another factor that has caused problems to farming is the reluctance of land owners to lease their land out to the locals.

Health care is a necessity The younger members of the family have already migrated, the elderly who remain behind have to put up with the inefficient medical care at their disposal. Abandoned houses and a dialogue between intellectuals that Pahar ka Pani Aur Jawani kabhi Pahar ke kam nahi aate i.e. the water and the Youth of Hills are useless for hills. This saying created lot of pain in our heart, so we organized a Co-operative to make the Pani and Jawani useful for hills.

Him Organic a Co-operative movement of 25000 farmers of the State we believe in sustainable growth and organic life style. Our endeavor is to support farmers and farming of hills to give maximum at the farm gate to farmers. So that agriculture can become profitable so that the share of agriculture could rise in GSDP of Uttarakhand. This is tapping the energy of the Youth and proper employment planning in food processing sector so as to prevent migration. Him Organic Co. first of its kind as it is wholly owned by organic producers such as Organic Pickles, Raw Pickles. The objective of improving the livelihood of farmers through the marketing of organic produce to urban consumers, markets under the brand Him Organic represents farmers interests from sowing to selling.

Why Organic Farming?
Organic farming system is the oldest cultivation method in India which is being preceded from very old time. Through this method, farmers aim at cultivating the land in order to grow various type of crops in such manner that soil will always be productive. Farmers take good care of soil by using biofertilizers and natural waste such as crops, animal waste or aquatic waste. These fertilizing materials help soil to release nutrients for crops in an effective environmental condition.
According to United States Department of Agriculture team, Organic farming do not require use of artificial fertilization materials like hormones, fertilizers, feed additives, pesticides, etc. but it highly demands for animal manures, mineral grade rock additives, crop rotations, off-farm organic waste,  crop residues and biological method of nutrient mobilization and protection.
FAO recommended that Organic farming is an environment friendly crop production method which promotes agricultural ecosystem health, regarding biodiversity and soil biological activity.

Organically harvested food contains more vitamin & mineral content as compare to the food grown with modern cultivation methods. Healthy plants are good for our health as they can nourish the body in better way as compare to fertilized methods. Soil organic farming is not only good for individuals health but is also for good for ecosystem, it keeps the environment condition balance and vice-verse.

The most important benefit of organic food for consumers is that it does not contain any contaminated  chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Population having chemically grown food tend to more inclined towards more diseases such as body ache, deficiency of calcium, weak eye sight that are related to toxic chemicals.
A big example is cancer. Representative data on the number of new cancer cases shows that between 1972 and 2004 the cases of cancer has risen up to 488 from 323 per year (average for both sexes) per 100,000 people. This reveals of over 50% increase in just 32 years.

Advantages and disadvantages of organic farming

  • Food Tastes Better - Naturally grown crops gives better taste than fertilized food because the quantity of neutrition it contains comes organically. We have the sense of taste thorugh which we can identify the quality of food, due to which we found organically grown fruits more tastier and healthy.
  • The quality of vegetables and fruits can be checked through Brix analysis which is a parameter of their specific density. Brix score is utilized mostly for measuring quality of fruits and vegetables prior to export them.
  • Food Keeps Longer - Fertilized fruits and vegetables can not be stored for longer time as it will get rotted or start loosing the taste. But in case of, organic food it is nourished naturally has good metabolic integrity, therefore can be stored for good time and will always give the same taste.
  • Disease and Pest Resistance - It is proven in 1930's by foreign doctors and Dr Northern, an expert of soil nutrition that organically grown plant which are nurtured in good environmental and soil conditions resist various diseases, insects and pests.
  • Weed Competitiveness - Weeds act as band-aids for production of soil as it restores the damage one and make the soil fruitful. In good environmental conditions, crops become healthier and capable of competing withâ€Â the present weeds.
  • Lower Input Costs - Organic farming does not require any expensive agro chemicals , it just requires natural protection from pesticides, fungicides or other insects. This fertilizing method use a very cheap microbial solution that is sprayed on to the crops. The crops are produced in proper sunshine by green manuring and crop rotation via converting and worm forming. These plants and crops require regular maintenance of water, warmness, fertilizing, etc.
  • Drought Resistance - Organic plants are more drought tolerant whereas chemically fertilized plants tend to loose their growth as soon as water becomes limited. Natural plants can be grown on re-mineralization soil with the help of agrochemical fertilizer. Since chemical fertilizers are soluble, therefore if plants are getting proper quantity of water they grow tremendously. But if water is not available, the soluble nutrient salts present in the cells of plants are insufficient to osmotically transfer the required quantity of water. Due to this, the plants reach to toxic concentrations and dies earlier.
  • Added Value - There is a clear market of farmers and consumers who know the value of organically grown food and are ready to give the price according to it. There are several companies in the foreign countries who supports farmer in order to produce organic food and make them available in the market.

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