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Company Profile

We, Him Organic, operate from the prime location of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India, that laid its foundation quite recently with the motive of becoming the reliable providers of agro food products and spices. The founder of our company has quite rich experience in this sector and therefore, before establishing company he did an extensive market research work to understand customer demands. Till now we have an excellent track record of providing quality enriched and organic products and by constantly following the quality and FSSAI norms during the processing and testing of the products.


Himalayan Industrial Organic co-operative Society , Ltd (Him Organic) is registered under Uttarakhand Co-operative Society Act , 2003. It has 2500 primary members. HIM Organic is an effort to provide pure and healthy organic products from Uttarakhand Himalayas, at your doorsteps. We ensure that you get the best products in their most natural and unadulterated form, thus ensuring good health to you and your family. Our products are FSSAI and USDA certified under the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP). Our Cooperative society procures products directly from the farmers of Uttarakhand, thus by buying our products, you not only ensure health for yourself, but also contribute towards the poor farmers.

Co-operative Principles

Principle #1: Voluntary and Open Membership

Our cooperative society is built from voluntary organizations, who do not support any kind of religious, racial, gender, political, social discrimination. They are aware of their responsibility of membership and are capable of using them in better way.

Principle #2: Democratic Member Control

Cooperative societies are democratic associations, which are controlled by those members who set the policies or make the decisions. The members who purchase the products or use cooperative services.

Principle #3: Member's Economic Participation

Members of the association equally contribute and control the total capital of cooperative. This benefit the members in relation to their business conducted with the cooperative instead of the invested capital.

Principle #4: Autonomy and Independence

Cooperatives are self-governing organizations handled by its members. In case if co-operative is signing agreements with different associations or obtaining capital from other sources, it can be achieved with reference to some terms and conditions. These terms ensures cooperative unit will be controlled and maintained by its members.

Principle #5: Education, Training, and Information

Cooperatives benefit the members such as employees, representatives and managers by providing various education and training programs. In order to have an effective contribution from them for the development of the unit. Moreover, the members can tell public about cooperatives nature and its benefit.

Principle #6: Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Cooperatives help their individuals most viably and reinforce the agreeable movement by cooperating with national, regional and global structures.

Principle #7: Concern for Community

While concentrating on individuals needs, cooperative activities are for the sustainable advancement of groups by following the strategies and projects acknowledged by the members.

We get our inspiration from Baba Neeb Karori Maharaj ji the Avtar of Lord Hanuman. He was a deep rooted proficient of yoga and following his unconditional faith in God, he urged seva or services to others. In the book Miracle of Love, accumulated by Ram Dass, a follower named Anjani told about the following things:
There is no life story of him. There are few facts and numerous of stories. He is known by several names in various parts of India, appearing and disappearing as the years progressed. His non-Indian followers knew him as Neem Karoli Baba, however generally as â€ÂœMaharaj jiâ€Â â€Â“ a nickname that is so ordinary in India that anyone can often hear a tea seller addressed thus. He do not talk much, the simplest stories were his teachings and were so amazing that people love to sit with him. Normally he was seen wrapped in a blanket, sitting or laying on a wooden bench while a couple of devotees were always found around him. Visitors came and went; they were rendered with food, a couple of words, a gesture, a pat on the head or back and then they went away. He love to laugh for the cracked jokes. Sometimes he sat peacefully, retained in a different universe to which we couldn't take after, however happiness and contentment poured down on us. His identity close to the experience of him, the feeling of his presence can be felt totality in his absence as well.